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Although I gained awareness of this calling only a few years ago, I now realize that these abilities have been with me all along. I have been putting in the time and effort to develop my potential. As an Evidential Medium and Psychic, my goals are to provide healing and understanding. As a teacher, my objective is to provide the tools needed to access your gifts and to have a safe space to explore and grow. Practice is key to expansion and I host a weekly Evidential Mediumship Practice Circle. Participants are encouraged to join my private FaceBook page, another resource for practice partners and discussion. Both private lessons and group lessons are available. 

Things you most likely didn't know about me:

  • I was a Video Game Analyst and the Editor of Strategy Guides for over 6 years

  • I helped professional wrestlers with their scheduled bookings

  • I do Crossfit 3 or 4 times a week

  • My intention is to serve Spirit and to assist in healing and understanding

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