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Evidential Mediumship Reading

As an Evidential Medium, I connect to loved ones who have passed and offer evidence that I would not otherwise know in order to prove the continuation of existence and bring through messages of healing. 

$75 for a 30 minute reading.  Book now

Spiritual Assessment

These sessions are intended to give clarity and direction to lightworkers, healers, mediums, psychics.  Our goal is to be a clear channel to serve Spirit and there are times we need help to get back on our path. This is a soul to soul connection which can unlock the potential you might not be seeing for yourself.

$75 for a 30 minute reading. Book now


Psychic Reading

These sessions can help to make sense of your current situation, and with understanding comes the confidence to move forward. 

$75 for a 30 minute reading. Book now

Animal Readings

Animal Communication is the practice of connecting telepathically, heart to heart, with your pet. Gaining insight into the behavior of your pet can strengthen your relationship. In addition, as an Evidential Medium, I can connect to your pet who has passed and offer specific evidence that you would recognize. I want to provide the healing and comfort that comes with knowing your pet continues to be close by.

$75 for a 30 minute readingBook now

Private Lessons and Classes

I offer Private Evidential Mediumship lessons, as well as small group classes. I can get you started on your path by providing the tools you need to access your abilities. I also host a practice circle every week which is a safe place to practice the skills we cover in class.

$35 for 30 minute private lesson. Book now

Use the CONTACT tab above to send me an email with any questions.

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